What is the Method to Create A Slideshow with Music on Windows?

If the user wants to create a slideshow with music and pics in the background then you should read the below method. And for assistance, hit on office.com/myaccount.

Method to Create A Slideshow with Music on Windows:

1. Create Slideshow through Photos App:

The user should tap on the magnifying glass icon just to open the search bar. After this, you should write Photo and then hit on first entry just to open the Photos app. Now in the Photos app, you should tap on the Video Editor tab which is located on top. Here in the new tab, you should hit on the New video project button which there in the middle of the screen. Then in the new window, you should name the slideshow and hit on OK. At this point, you should tap on Add button which is in the Project library. Next, drop down menu prompts you which source you wish to use and then choose From this PC. The user can choose the images which you wish to use and then highlight the images in the Project library and just drag it to the Storyboard section. Keep in mind the user can edit for how long each photo should be on screen by tapping on number and by changing the time. If you want to add music, then tap on Custom audio which is on the top. Then, in this new window, you should tap on the Add audio file button which is at the top. The customer can choose the song or audio file which you wish to add. If you select the how long you wish the audio file to last, then hit on Done. The customer can test the slideshow by hitting on the play button which is in the test video in the corner. After this, hit on Finish video which is in the upper right side of the screen. You will view the small window and then tap on the drop-down menu just under Video quality in order to choose the slideshow’s resolution. At this point, you should choose the Export button and then name the slideshow which you have created and then hit on Export option. At last, you can view the slideshow and can hear the whole thing.

2. Use Icecream Slideshow Maker:

First, download Icecream Slideshow Maker and tap on Save file. After this, double-hit on the file which is in the Downloads section and set-up the process. When you set up, then check the box which is next to Launch Icecream slideshow Maker is ticked and then tap on Finish. Here in the open Icecream Slideshow Maker, you should add pictures just by taping on Add Photo or Add Folder and then choose Add Folder. Then in the File Explorer, you should choose the folder which you wish to use and hit on Select Folder. The folder of pictures will be organized in the in the folder and then setup the slideshow. Here, the Slideshow Maker will add an opening slide and then you can remove by tapping on Eye icon. For editing, hit on My slideshow in the Text column. The user can change the background’s color, title, text font and also transition effects. After making changes, tap on Save button. To change the duration of all slide, just select the time and hit on Apply to all. At this point, hit on Add to customize the slide. After changing the font and color, tap on Save option. For changing the transition effect, tap on Random. The user can add music just by dragging and dropping an audio file to the Add Audio section. When you add the audio file, hit on the blue Preview button. At last, just tap on the Create button to complete. When you create the slideshow, you can post the slideshow on YouTube.

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