How to Fix the Issue “Window 10 Webcam Not Working”?

If in case, the camera of your Window 10 device does not work properly then this is the most frustrating situation. In this situation, you should follow some tips to fix the Webcam of your device. Hence, in this blog you will read the solutions of Window 10 Webcam Not Working issue. But if the user need any kind of assistance in fixing the issue, then you can contact to the customer care of Microsoft team through

Causes of Windows 10 Webcam Not Working:

The causes of Window 10 Webcam Not Working are due to faulty or out-of-date drivers, if there are incorrect settings in Windows 10 operating system, and also if you have disable or hide a webcam in your device.

Solution To Fix Windows 10 Webcam Not Working:

  1. If the webcam of your Window 10 device is connected through USB, then you should unplug it and again plug it in. This will reset your Windows 10 device and you can easily detect the camera when it is plugged in.
  2. In case, your Windows 10 device is not able to detect your USB webcam, then you should try to plug it into another port.
  3. You should restart your Windows 10 computer, laptop or tablet. This method usually fixes the variety of problems like a broken webcam also.
  4. You should try a combination of two solutions i.e. unplug and restart. Just unplug the USB webcam, and restart your computer. After this, again plug the webcam back in.
  5. You should check for Windows updates and just install the latest updates as this will fix many issues. You should download firmware and driver updates as this will improve the performance of your webcam.
  6. You must check the camera’s body because may be your webcam is broken or in need of repair. If you cannot be able to see the signs of damage then you should connect your webcam to another computer or laptop. If your webcam does not work, this means it is damage and need repair.
  7. Sometimes it is possible that the app is causing the problem but the webcam is working. In this situation, you should try to use the camera in another Windows 10 app like Skype, Instagram etc. If the app is the problem, then you should give access to the camera in the app’s settings.
  8. Remember, in Windows 10, you should give apps the access to your webcam before they can detect it and use it. For this, you should go to Settings option and then choose Privacy. After this, you have to select Camera and then just turn on Allow apps to access your camera.
  9. You should check the webcam software’s settings. Because, there are some webcams which comes with software which manages the device’s settings.
  10. Just check your Bluetooth connection, if in case you are using a wireless webcam. The Bluetooth should be enabled in Windows 10 so that your device can easily detect it. To do this, you should open the Windows 10 Action Center and then click on the Bluetooth tile.

The above procedure helps to fix the issue Window 10 Webcam is not working. If the customer needs support, then they can call the expert of Microsoft team through

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