How to Fix the Issues of One Drive File System in Window 10?

One Drive is one of the best applications of MS Office developed by Microsoft. You can install this application through One Drive is the cloud based storage platform which is available to you for free with a Microsoft account. It allows you to connect to all your files and you can easily share your files with others. You can store all your valuable documents in the cloud. But users face some issues in One Drive also. If in case, OneDrive is not syncing your files on Windows then you can follow the below steps to fix the issue.  This problem occurs because of account issues, out-dated clients, due to incorrect configuration and also because of software conflicts. In this blog, you will read the solution of One Drive File System issues in Window 10.

Fix One Drive File System Issues In Window 10:

1: Restarting the One Drive App:

If your One Drive application is not syncing your documents, then it might be possible that it is due to some connection problems. For this, you can restart the Application and just can see the problem is solved. After this, you have to sync your content again just to check the issue is solved or not.

2:  Account of One Drive is connected to Windows:

You should check that your Microsoft account is linked with your Windows 10, incase if it is connected to Local account then it is possible that it can show you syncing problems. If you want to fix this issue then you have to switch to your Microsoft account. For this, you have to open the One Drive application, and from their you can select your Accounts and then you can click on the tab of Your Info. After this, you have to Sign in with a Microsoft Account. Now check the issue is solved or not.

3: Check if storage is available:

It is possible that your device has lot of storage space but then also One Drive is not able to sync your files. This problem occurs because your account of One Drive is running out of space. For this, you have to check your One Drive space. You just have to click on the Account Tab and then you can check your storage space which is used by the One Drive Account.

4: Deactivate your firewall or Antivirus:

If you want to fix this syncing problem, you should disable your Antivirus Software from your computer.

5: Updating your One Drive:

This problem arises when your One Drive Account is not updated. If you want to continue your syncing of your documents then you should upgrade your One Drive.

6. Other Method:

The other way through which you can solve the One Drive Syncing Issues are you should keep your file short and the characters of the file should not more than 400 Characters.

This will fix your issue, but if you are still facing the issue then you can visit to site of MS Office through

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