How to Resolve If PIN Not Working on Window 10?

Sometimes, user encounters the very frustrating issue that is PIN not working. This error generally occurs when you enter the incorrect PIN or because of system file corruption. If the user need help in solving this issue, then they can contact to Microsoft team via In this blog, you will read the solution of the issue PIN not working on Window 10.

Method To Resolve PIN Not Working on Window 10:

1. Recreate the PIN:

Remove the PIN first:

For this, you should go to Settings option and then you have to go to Accounts. Now, you should choose Sign-in option which is located on the left side of the screen. Then, you have to scroll down to the Pin section and then click on Remove. After this, you should confirm the change and then click on Remove option. Here, you should put in the password to continue.

Set up the new PIN:

You should click on Add button which is in the PIN section. Then, you should enter the PIN and then confirm with OK.

2. Rely on I forgot my PIN option:

You should go to Settings option just by tapping on the Win and I together on the computer. After this, you need to Find Accounts. Now, you have to click on Sign-in options and then choose I forgot my PIN. Then, you have to confirm the option. At the end, you should follow the instructions to set the new PIN code.

3. Go back to the previous build:

You should open Start Menu and then choose Power. After this, you should hold the Shift key and then just choose Restart option from the menu. When the list appears on the screen, then you should choose Troubleshoot. Here, you should click on the Advanced options. Then, you should choose See more recovery options. Now, you should click on Go back to the previous build and then select administrator account. After this, you should Enter pass if needed. At this point, you should select Go back to the previous build button. Now, the process will start. Keep in mind, do not interrupt the process till the process complete.

4. Create a new user account:

For this, you should go to Settings option and then just find Accounts. From there, you should go to Family & other people. Now, you have to choose to Add someone else to this PC just under Other people. Then, you have to choose I don’t have this person’s sign-in information. After this, you should Add a user without a Microsoft account. At the end, you should enter the desired username and then click on Next option.

5. Change Group Policy:

You should press Win and R just to open the Run box. After this, you should type gpedit.msc there and then press the enter key. When the window is opened, then you should go to Administrative Templates. After this, you should choose System and Logon. Then on the right, you should double-click on Turn on convenience PIN sign-in. Here, you should choose Enabled and then click on Apply option. At last, click on OK button to save changes.

6. Alter the Startup type:

For this, you should open Run box. Then, you have to type services.msc and press OK. Now in the list, you should double-click on IPsec Policy Agent and then open its properties. After this, you should set the Startup type to Automatic and then click on Apply option and OK button to save changes.

For help, contact to the customer care of Microsoft Support team via