How You Can Check the Firewall Settings on Window and Mac?

The firewall setting of the device helps to monitor the incoming and outgoing networks traffic. It creates a wall between your device and all kind of cyber threat. But, the most important thing is customer can view and change the firewall setting of their computer system. Remember this; the user should always enable the firewall setting for the protection of their devices. In this blog, you will read how you can check the firewall setting on Window and Mac. If you need any kind of technical assistance, then you can contact to the experts of Microsoft team through

Check Firewall Settings on

  1. First, go to the Start Menu and you will get the firewall program in the “System & Security” file of the “Control panel” application.
  2. You can also access Firewall by pressing on the “Windows” key. Then, you should enter “Firewall” in the search option.
  3. After this, you should press the “Windows Firewall” button which is located on the top of the search option.
  4. Then, you should go to the “Firewall Settings.” Here, there are two columns – “Private networks” and “Guest or public networks”.
  5. When you press on any one of the two options, then it will show the list which has the information about the “Private” or “Public” networks.
  6. Then, you should click on the “Advanced Settings” button which is on the home page. It will show the “Firewall’s Advanced Settings” list, and the options are as follows: Inbound Rules, Outbound Rules, Connection Security Rules, and Monitoring
  7. After completing this, you should close the “Advanced Settings” list. Now, go through the “Computer Firewall Settings.”
  8. Here, you can enable or disable “Windows Firewall” just by pressing on the “Enable or Disable” button which is located in the advanced settings list. If, you are pairing with public network then first, you should turn off firewall.

Check Firewall Settings on Your Mac:

  1. First, you should press the “Apple” symbol which is in the left-hand side of the screen. For going to the “Firewall Settings,” you should go to the “Firewall “menu list which is located in the “Apple” menu list.
  2. After this, click on the “System Preferences” option which is in the “App menu pull-down list.
  3. Now, you should press the “Security and Privacy” page which is located at the upper side of the “System Preferences” option.
  4. This will show you “Security & Privacy” option which depends on the version you are currently using.
  5. After this, click on the “Firewall” page which is located on the upper side of the “Security” page.
  6. You should open the “Firewall Menu” list. Before using this, just become an administrator of the firewall setting. For this, you should press the “Lock” symbol and then type the “Administrator” first and last name. After this, type the “Administrator” protected password and click on “Unlock” button.
  7. Now, you should press “Turn on Firewall” button just to turn on the “Mac’s Firewall.”
  8. After this, just press the “Firewall Options” which is named as “Advanced.” In this, you can modify the “Firewall’s Settings of your computer system.
  9. You can place “Programs” to the block or can also accept the list of “Firewall.” At the end, click on “Ok” button.

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