How You Can Easily Configure Window Firewall in Window 10?

Windows has given great feature for the privacy and security of the user that is Window Firewall. If the user want to configure it, in their devices then you can read this article. But if the user wants any assistance then they can call the expert of Microsoft via

Configure Window Firewall:

Firewall software is basically used to check the details which come from the Internet. It creates a wall of defense between your device and all type of internet threat. It either blocks or allows the internet information to pass through your PC. It also prevents hackers or malicious software from gaining access to your computer via internet.

  1. Turn On Windows Firewall: Window firewall is basically given by the Windows default settings. Remember, if the Windows firewall is On, then it blocks most of the windows programs due to some security reasons. If you click on the Turn Firewall On or Off, this will enable or disable the Windows Firewall in your Computer system.
  2. Block all Incoming Firewall Connections, which are there in the list of Allowed Programs: If you enable this setting, then you can stop all the programs which tries to connect your PC. You can install this setting, when you want maximum security like when you are in the public place and you want to connect to a public network like in hotel, airport, railway stations etc. If you enable this setting, then you will not get any notification when Windows Firewall will blocks programs, and also the programs which are there in the list of allowed programs. But you can see the web pages, and you can also send and receive e-mail.
  3. Turn Off Windows Firewall: It is advised that you should avoid using this setting. Because you must have firewall software running on your PC as it protects your computer from hackers. But if you Turn off Windows Firewall then it makes your computer unprotected and hackers can easily damage your device. Hence, Turn Firewall On or Off will enable or disable the Windows Firewall on your computer.
  4. Block or Allow Programs through the Windows Firewall: Windows Firewall blocks most of the program in your PC by default to make it more secure. If you want to allow program, then you should   click on Allow an app through Windows Firewall. Then, you have to select the checkbox which is next to the program that you want to allow. After this, choose the network location types on which you want to do communication. Now, you have to click on OK button. If in case you want to allow a program just to communicate through the firewall, then you can add that program to the list of allowed programs. If you want to add or remove a program to the list, then you have to click on the Allow an app through Windows Firewall. Then you can get more details about the allowed programs.
  5. Open a Port in Windows Firewall:  First, you have to click on open Windows Firewall. Then in the left pane, you have to click on Advanced settings option. Here, in the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security dialog box, you have to click on Inbound Rules in the left side and then you have to click on New Rule in the right side. After this, just follow the direction on the screen.

The above are the methods to Configure Windows Firewall in Windows 10. If in case, you find any difficulty then contact to the customer care of Microsoft via