How you can Fix Window 10 Pro Activation Error Code 0xc004f014?

Microsoft Office is the well known software which includes many apps and is used in all the departments like firms, offices, businesses and in homes etc. You can install this software through This helps in formatting, editing, creating text documents, and also used for making presentation etc. This is the complete productivity suite which makes the work of the user easy. Sometimes the users face the error code 0xc004f014. This error code prevents the user from upgrading to Window 10 Pro.

Fix Window 10 Pro Activation Error Code 0xc004f014:

1.    Activate Window With a Phone Call: For this, first you have to press the Win key + R altogether to open the Run window. Then you have to type in slui 4 and then just press Enter key. Now the window asks you to choose the region in you are residing in and after this, it will make an automated call. During the call, you have to read your Installation ID. After this, it will give you a Confirmation ID. Now you have to read the Confirmation ID out loud. Then you have to click the Activation button. Follow all the instructions to complete the activation process. Now just End the call and then restart your computer system.

2.    Use Default Product Key: For this, first you have to create a text file with the generic registration key and then disable all network devices. After this, you have to right click on the Windows icon located at the lower left hand side of the screen. Now just select “Network Connections” and then just right click on your Ethernet connection. After this, just select “Disable“. For wireless connection, you have to repeat this process. Then just Reboot your computer. Now you have to open the text file and then select the generic registration key and press “CTRL-C”. Then right-click on the Windows icon and just select “System” from the menu. When the system window opens, just click on Change Product Key and then paste the generic registration key. Here you have to click on the “Start Upgrade” button and then wait for the upgrade process to finish.  Now you have to Log back into your computer and now, your “Windows Edition” should be “Windows 10 Pro“. Just open the text file and select your new Windows 10 Pro registration Key. After this, just copy it to the clipboard. Now just Re-enable your wireless network connections. Here you have to click on the “Change Product Key” button. And then you have to paste your new Windows 10 Pro registration Key and then just click on “Next”. At the end, you will see a message that your copy of Windows 10 Pro is a legitimate copy.

3.    Use Window Activation Troubleshooter: For this, first you have to open the Settings app. Then just go to Updates & Security and then select Activation. But if it is not properly activated, then you will observe the Troubleshoot button. Just click on it. The troubleshooting wizard will scan your computer. At the end, just follow the instructions to activate the Windows.

4.    Change the Product Key using Command Prompt: For this, first you have to go to Search, and then type cmd. Just open the Command Prompt as Administrator. Now you have to type the command and then you have to press Enter: vbs -ipk xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx . xxx is for the product key. Just wait for the process to complete and then just restart your computer.

This will fix the issue but if you are still finding problem then you can call the customer care executive of MS Office via Get office my account support at

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