How you can Install Windows on Chromebook?

Microsoft Office is the amazing software developed by Microsoft with great applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook etc. Every application of this software makes your task easier, faster and convenient than before. MS Office is very easy to use and can install through It is used in firms, organizations, schools, offices and in homes also on the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptops, and Android Phones. This software gives technical support to its user and its experts are available for the customer all the time.

It helps in formatting, editing, creating text document and making professional presentation etc. With the cloud storage facility of MS Office, you can access your document anywhere anytime. People usually install Windows on Chrome book to expand its functionality. In this blog post, you will read how to install Windows on Chrome book.

Install Windows on Chromebook:

For this, just Turn off your Chromebook and then just put upside down. After this, remove the screws to open up your computer. Now just remove the write-protect screw, and replace the back panel. When your Chromebook is turned off, then you have to press Esc + Refresh + Power on the keyboard just to turn it on. After this, press Ctrl + D which says Chrome OS is missing or damaged. Now press enter key to turn OS verification off. Just plug your Chromebook and then switch it to developer mode. When it restarts, you have to press Ctrl + D at the screen which says OS verification is OFF to load Chrome OS.  When you load Chrome OS, you have to press Ctrl + Alt + T to open the Chromebook command terminal in a browser window. Now, type shell and press Enter key. Just enter the command to download and run the Chrome OS.

cd; curl -LO && sudo bash

After this, type 3 and then press Enter key to select Install/Update Full ROM firmware. Now type Y, and then type Y again to install UEFI firmware. Just insert a USB flash drive and follow the on screen instruction. Now you have to run Windows which is installing automatically. When the installation complete, just power down your Chromebook. 

Just go to the Windows 10 download page and then select Download tool now which is under the Window 10 Installation Media. Now you have to insert an empty USB drive in your PC, and open the file which you have downloaded and then select Accept option. After this, just select Create Installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC, and then click on Next option. Here you have to check the box “Use the recommended options for this PC”, and just click on Next option. Now, select USB flash drive, and press on Next. After this, select your USB drive, and hit on Next. Here you have to wait for the installation media and then select Finish option. Now you can remove the flash drive from your system. Here you have to insert another USB drive in your PC and just download the drivers to run Windows. Now insert the USB drive with Windows and press the power button. After this, connect a USB mouse and a USB keyboard to your Chromebook. Properly select the language and region settings and hit on Next option. Here you have to select Install now. After this, just select I don’t have a product key. Now select the version of Windows which you want to install and hit on Next.

After this, accept the license agreement. Here you have to select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced). You just have to delete all of the partitions listed. And choose the unallocated space, and press on Next option. Just wait for Windows to install and reboot. Here you have to set up Windows as normal. If it ask for network, then select Skip this step/I don’t have internet. When Windows starts up, you just have to insert the USB drive with the Windows drivers and you will see the drivers will install automatically. At the end, restart your Chromebook. Now the Windows are successfully installed on your Chrome book.

This process will help you to install Windows on Chromebook. If you have any issues then you can call the customer care anytime. You can also visit to the site of MS Office through