How You Can Remove Duplicate Files in Window 10?

As you all know that duplicate files take a lot of space in your hard drive. So, in this blog you will read how to remove duplicate files in Window 10. But if the user need support or assistance, then they can contact Microsoft Support team through

Method To Remove Duplicate Files In Window 10:

1. Use Easy Duplicate Finder:

You can use Easy Duplicate Finder to remove the duplicate files in your device. It is the smart solution which has the latest technologies to detect all the duplicate files on your PC. With the help of this software, you can become a professional in just a few seconds. For using, you just have to download and install the software, and then start the Wizard tool with just one click and just remove the duplicate files with another click. Now, you will get too much free space on your drive. You can use this software for freeing up space in your cloud storage like for Google Drive and Dropbox.

2. Erase duplicate files with CCleaner:

For this, you just have to Download CCleaner and then install it. After this, you should open CCleaner. Then, you should click on Tools which is on the left side of the window. Now, you have to select Duplicate Finder just to open the utility.

Configure the search options:

You should select the Name and Size Match by checkboxes. After this, you should exclude the system and hidden files from the search just by selecting the ignore System files and Hidden files checkboxes. If in case, you don’t want to place any file size on the search, then uncheck the File size under and File size over checkboxes. And for scanning the full hard drive, you should select the C: drive option.

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Select specific folders and file types to scan:

You should press Add button just to open the window. After this, you should click on Browse just to select a specific folder or hard drive partition. Now, you have to click on the File Types radio button. At this point, you can also enter more specific file types for the scan. At the end, you should press the OK button.

Exclude folder and files:

If you want to leave folders out of the search, then you should select the Exclude tab. Then, just click on the Add button. Now, you should click on Browse just to select a folder to exclude. Then, you should click on OK button just to confirm the selected folder. Here, you can also select your C: drive and also the File Types radio button just to specify specific file formats to leave out of searches. At last, you should click on the OK button just to exit the Exclude window.

Erase the duplicated files:

To erase the duplicate files, you should click on Search option to perform the scan. Then, you should go through the list of detected duplicates. Now, you should select the checkboxes for duplicate files to delete. If you want to select all duplicates, then you should right-click on a listed file and then click on Select All option. At last, you should hit on the Delete button just to erase the duplicate files.

The above method will help you to remove duplicate files in Window 10. If the user need help, then they can contact Microsoft customer care via