If Your PC Gets Slow After Window 10 Update! How to fix it?

Windows updates are very necessary, because it gives you the latest interface, better performance, and also the updated security. But sometimes after updating, instead of improving the performance of your PC, Windows update slow down your PC. If the PC is slow, the user cannot be able to work properly and this is a very frustrating issue. Hence, in this blog you will read the solution to fix the issue PC gets slow after Window update. In case, the user needs any kind of help then they should contact to the expert of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

Is Windows Updates Slow Down Your Computer System? office.com/setup

Generally, Windows updates do not make your PC slow. But sometimes, your PC gets slow down because of Defective update, insufficient hardware resources, Junk and Cache Files.

How you can Speed up PC After Window Update?

If you want to speed up your PC, you should download and install Remo Optimizer in your PC. When you launch the software, it will start scanning your computer system. For this, you should wait for some time. When the scanning process is completed, you should click on “Fix Issues” option. At last, you will receive a confirmation message that all your computer systems issues are resolved. This will clear all the Junk files, and also fix the incompatible firmware or driver issues. Remo Optimizer tool will also improve the performance of your computer system.

Disable all the Additional Features:

You should disable the additional visual features. For this, you should click on “Windows + U” key to open settings, and then you should select “Display” tab. After this, you should scroll down to see the other Options like Show Animations in Windows, Show Transparency in Windows and Automatically Hide Scroll bars in Windows. You should disable all these three features as these features consume lot of RAM.

Disable Startup Applications:

 To disable the start-up apps, you should press CTRL+ALT+Delete and then select task manager option. In the task manager, you should click on more details. Now, you have to select the startup tab and then disable the applications which you do not require. This will also enhance the performance of slow PCs or laptops.

Troubleshoot Windows Update:

You can troubleshoot your recent Windows update. For this, you should click on the Settings options and then select Update & Security. After this, you should click on Troubleshoot option and then click on Windows Update. At last, you have to click on Run Troubleshooter and then you have to wait for the process to complete.

The above mentioned method will help you to fix the issue PC gets slow after Window 10 update. If the customer is still having issues, then you should contact to the customer care of Microsoft Office through www.office.com/setup. The experts of MS Office are well trained and can easily solve your query. Most importantly, the customer care executives of MS Office are available all the time for the user.

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