If Scroll Wheel Is Stuck on Zoom! How to Fix it?

Due to Covid, most of the people are working remotely but if you find that the if the scroll wheel is stuck on Zoom without making any changes to the mouse option then this will create lot of stress for the people. One of the best way with which you can fix this issue is to check for stuck keys on the keyboard and also if your mouse zoom options are enabled by default then you should disable it. Hence, in this blog the user will read the method to fix the issue if Scroll Wheel is Stuck on Zoom. And if the customer wants any kind of technical help, then they can navigate to the official website of Microsoft Office through www.office.com/setup

Method To Fix If Scroll Wheel is Stuck on Zoom:

1. Check for Stuck Keys:

First of all, the user has to press Windows + R key at the same time. Then in the Run dialog box, you should type osk and then tap on the OK button. Here, in the On-screen keyboard utility which displays on your screen, you have to check the stuck key. In case, you find that one of the two Ctrl keys is pressed, then you should unstuck it by tapping on it again and again for few times.

2. Disable Pinch Zoom option:

For this, you need to open Settings option and then just visit to Devices. Now in the left side, you should tap on Mouse and then you need to choose Additional mouse options. Here in the Mouse Properties pop-up window, you need to choose the Device Settings tab. At this point, you need to tap on the Options button and then just open the specific Synaptic settings. Then in the Synaptic Touchpad Properties window, the user needs to choose the Pinch zoom option. After this, you should uncheck the option which is linked with Enable Pinch Zoom. Lastly, the user should Restart their PC.

3. Disable Zoom on roll with Intellimouse option:

To fix this issue, you need to open Microsoft Excel application. Then on the top menu, you should hit on the File button and then you need to choose Options. At this point, you should hit on Advanced option and then on the right side, you need to uncheck the Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse box. Here, you should hit on OK option in order to save the changes. At the end, you need to Restart your Computer system.

The above method will help you to fix the issue if Scroll Wheel is stuck on Zoom. If the customer needs any kind of help associated with Windows, then go to Microsoft via office.com/setup