June 25, 2021

How You Can Cancel your Microsoft 365 Subscription?

If the Microsoft customer wants to cancel their Microsoft 365 subscription, then they can read this blog. And for more details, just tap on www.office.com/setup.

Method To Cancel Microsoft 365 Subscription:

  1. First, you should go to Services & subscriptions and then sign in to your Microsoft account which you have used to purchase your subscription.
  2. After this, you should find your subscription and then select Manage option.
  3. If in case, the user don’t see the Manage option, but instead of this you see Turn on recurring billing then this means your subscription will expire at the date shown and the user don’t have to do anything else.
  4. Then in the next page, you have to select Cancel option or Upgrade according to your subscription type.
  5. At last, you should scroll down and just follow the instructions on the page to finish the process of cancellation. For details, click on office.com/setup.

Fix Issues if you Can’t Cancel your Subscription:

If the user cannot view Manage on their Services & subscriptions page, or they cannot cancel or turn off recurring billing,

  1. To fix this issue, you should check that you are signed in with the same Microsoft account which you have used at the time of purchase your subscription.
  2. If the user sees Turn on recurring billing instead of Manage option, then this means your subscription will expire at the date shown for your subscription.
  3. You should also check if a payment method requires to be updated. If updates are required, then it will let you know when you go to Services & subscriptions.
  4. If the users are still facing any issues, then you should go to Payment options on your Microsoft account dashboard. Here, the user can change the Microsoft subscription payment.

The above method helps you to cancel your Microsoft 365 subscription method. If the user needs any detail, then tap on office.com/myaccount.